SIS Energy Gel + Caffeine Double Espresso Flavor


  • ▶ FAST ACTING, LONG LASTING: 22g of quick digesting carbs for those on the go. SIS Energy Gels help you achieve your fueling needs for cycling, running, and all endurance activities. Note: The recommended consumption of carbs per hour of exercise is 60-90g..
  • ▶ NO EXTRA WATER NEEDED: Our Isotonic formula means you don’t need to drink any water with our gels for digestion. No water means no digestive distress such as; vomiting, cramps or worse..
  • ▶ CRASH FREE CAFFEINE: 75 mg & 150 mg of Caffeine and less than 1g of sugar in every gel to keep your energy levels stable. Our low sugar formulation provides effective sustained energy with a mental boost..
  • ▶ SIMPLE TASTE, NO STICKY TEXTURE: Science in Sport gels are different from the competition- they don’t have a thick, sticky texture – they have a light, drinkable consistency..
  • ▶ FREE OF BANNED SUBSTANCES: Informed Sport is our world-class partner who ensures that every single SIS product is free of banned substance. Producing clean, safe nutrition allows us to be the trusted nutrition sources for world champions and Olympians. Including athletes at USA cycling, USA Triathlon, Canyon-Sram and Team Ineos (form. Team SKY).
  • Imported from USA.


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SIS Energy Gel + Caffeine Double Espresso Flavor

  • SIS Energy Gel + Caffeine Double Espresso Flavor

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